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We provide a one stop shop for all commercial office cleaning solutions. We tailor make packages to suit our client's needs. This ensures the client gets the best possible clean and the right price. We currently service private & government office spaces

Regular office cleaning tasks include:

See below a list of things we do but not limited to the specifications below

Empty bins, clean bin with disinfectant & replace bin liners

Clean bathrooms/sanitise and disinfect surfaces

Polish bathroom surfaces

Disinfect toilet bowl with commercial trade bleach

Wipe/ disinfect all kitchen surfaces

Polish kitchenette surfaces

Mop all floors in the office

Cleaning foyer areas

Dust office/ remove cob webs

Dust blinds

General clean of all areas with wet wiping and disinfecting

Clean interior windows/ glass

Clean/ wipe all office furniture

Restock bathroom & kitchen inventory if needed

Remove all rubbish from premises

Dust air conditioner vents

Supply of washroom necessities if requested by client

Work station cleaning

Empty paper shredders

Vacuum carpet with a commercial vacuum  & power head  with HEPA filter

Wipe of internal office surfaces such as doors and walls and ledges

Dust skirting boards

Spot clean any stains on surfaces

Provide supervision at sites when needed

Provide cleaners communication book

Provide own industry certified cleaning products and equipment

Provide monthly cleaning progress report to client that documents, periodical and weekly clean

Take recycling to recycle center if needed

Provide deodorising at site/office if requested

Provide the following supporting documentation, assistance & procedures;

Provide supervision at site if needed or requested by client for any reason
Provide cleaner(s) with Police clearances
Provide staff with signed confidentiality agreements (anything seen or heard on a clients site/office will not be
discussed with anyone else or be posted on social media etc)
Provide Work Safe documents
Provide cleaners training modules
Provide MSDS info for chemicals
Provide cleaning schedule for site(s)
Provide company insurance details and company operations manual
Provide professional cleaner dedicated to the one site/ office/facility for client

Tag and tested equipment will only be bought onto site/ office

GPS tracking on cleaners is also available ( this is an additional service and the price will have to be negotiated separately as each client is different, this system only gets employed if the client has high valued sites such as Banks, Embassies, Vault rooms, Police stations or the client simply wishes to have that extra peace of mind. The majority of clients will not opt for this option because they already have their own security procedures in place such as alarm systems,Cameras,security company employed or they have adequate fencing surround the site)



Office Cleaning

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