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Insurance, Accreditation, Policies & Documents



Executive cleaning PTY LTD  hold all the insurance policies necessary to undertake commercial cleaning at various sites.

Whether that be for strata buildings, government office or shopping malls.

The company has Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. This ensures that if accidents or breakages were to take place the client or potential clients need not worry about the problem.


We have the following industry accreditation for commercial cleaning services:

  • Quality Management ISO9001

  • Safety Management AS/NZ4801

  • Environmental Management AS/NZ ISO14001



Safety & Environmental Policy

We not only strive to delivery excellent cleaning results but we strive to follow safety procedures according to our industry code

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2002. This code states that all safety standards are met and the reduction of accidents at any workplace is dramatically reduced. We achieve this by extensive staff training, performance reviews and supervision at the site.

Our staff have extensive training in work place safety and waste disposal methods. We observe the set recycling program for disposal of cardboards, papers, aluminum and organic waste.

This is undertaken to the specific industry code AS/NZS 4801 and AS/NZS ISO 14001

We use the recommended environmentally friendly earth care range of cleaning chemicals. We have extensive access to product ranges from window chemicals to bathroom chemicals that are recognised as being environmentally friendly.

It is our goal to constantly work with the client and environmental policies to achieve excellent results in providing hassle free cleaning services and being conscious about the impact we create on the environment.

Environmental cleaning practices

Conserve energy by turning off lights

Conserve energy by using low voltage machinery

Use earth care range of cleaning products

Minimise water usage

Police clearances

All our staff are have a police clearance check before commencing work on any commercial site in Canberra or surrounding areas.

This check obtained by the Australian Federal police ensures that each staff member has no hidden histories of violence or crime.

Staff Training

Customer services

WH&S complaint

Carpet steam cleaning

Window cleaning

Stripping and sealing floors

Time management

Thinking & strategy in the workplace

Communication and leadership

Waste disposal

Recycling programs

Hazardous waste management

Equipment and Products

We only use the best equipment. These range from industry accredited back pack vacuums with power head attachments and the latest HEPA filters. Our carpet cleaning machines are industry recommended. We provide MSDS sheets on request. Our cleaning products are part of the earth care range.

Quality Assurance Policy

Our business is always committed to quality standards. We clean to industry standards AS/NZ 37 33. This standard stipulates that our company must use the correct WH&S procedures, correct chemicals & machinery. We also achieve a very high cleaning standard by constantly monitoring the cleaning work  and carrying out regular site inspections. We also liase with the client on a regular basis to ensure that they are happy.

Occupational Health and Safety 

Executive cleaning PTY LTD is committed to all WH&S issues stipulated by the government and insurance policy. It is the ultimate aim of the business to prevent ‘ALL ‘ accidents. Occupation health and safety is not a one off policy the policies will be subjected to change based on various legislation to suit the correct operation of the business. All cleaners employed by us are fully trained before attempting to clean any site. 
Every year in ACT nearly 11 000 workers in the cleaning industry suffer from a mishap from work related to professional cleaning. These injuries range from light sprains to serious injury that ceases work productivity and cause family stress due to loss of income and sometimes can relate to serious physical handi-caps that can affect a person for their entire life.

Equal opportunity policy 

Our company endorse an equal opportunity policy. This means that the workplace policies and procedures are fair and reasonable to all staff members. All employees are treated on their merit without regards to race, age, sex or relationship status. 
All levels of management and staff are responsible for promoting this policy. We believe that all employees and contractors should be able to work in an environment free of direct and indirect discrimination. 
Executive cleaning PTY LTD will not tolerate the following forms of harassment; 

• Sexual harassment

• Pregnancy

• Age

• Race

• Impaired

• Disabled

• Gender bias

• Political beliefs

• Religious believes 

Electrical tag and testing of equipment 

All electrical equipment will be tagged and tested before use on any site. Electrical equipment will be tested every 6 months. It is up to our staff to report any issues with equipment.  All staff are responsible for reporting any faults with equipment and follow these procedures;

• Clearly write on the machine what you believe the fault could with the machine

• Attach a clear label that says “ DO NOT USE”

• Report the issue to management  and get an acknowledgment / confirmation

Executive cleaning PTY LTD is committed to the safety of all staff and machinery. The occupational health and safety and welfare act 1986 requires all employees to take responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of others.

Hazard identification and reporting 

Executive cleaning PTY LTD takes a preventative approach to WH&S by providing a safe working environment. It is our responsibility to continue to identify any risks and hazards at any site and make changes and advice our staff. We also maintain a clear communication line with the client to inform them about the hazard on their site. 
We view hazard management as a continues, ongoing issue to keep our staff and client safe. We will also strive inform staff and clients of any legislative changes to commercial cleaning practices. 

Injury management policy 

We understands that at every site there is possibility of injury to our staff and even our client’s staff. 
We will be actively involved in assistance of employees if they are injured and need to return to work on a part-time basis. We will collaborate with doctors and medical practitioners in order to assist our staff in any rehabilitation stage of their recovery.  

Drug, Alcohol and non-smoking policy 

Our company is committed to its duty to ensure the good health of employees and other staff. 
ALCOHOL: Our policy is zero tolerance for consumption of alcohol or intoxication whilst at sites. MEDICATION: If staff members believe that their judgment can be affected by prescription medication they should contact the manager on duty and a further assessment should be made in regards to the staff member being fit to work on site. ILLEGAL DRUGS: We have a zero tolerance policy and we will report illegal drug use to police. NON-SMOKING: Staff should not smoke on site or anywhere near 20 metres of the building or site. 

Risk assessment policy 

Executive cleaning PTY LTD , as an integral part of its ongoing commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees will try to reduce the risk of work place injury. 
We have implemented a hazard identification process and we will conduct risk assessment on any site before undertaking any work. The purpose of this risk assessment is to identify any potential hazards and injuries. 
To identify risks we will ;
• Consult with employees about any specific tasks that could be a problem to an individual.

• Directly observe tasks and identify the risk factors involved in the task.

• Keep analyzing records and legislation over Risk management at work sites. 

Risk assessments will generally take into consideration
• Workplace and work station layout

• Working postures

• Duration of activities

• Force applied

• Work organization

• Skills and experience of individuals

• Individual factors that contribute to decision making and work routine.

• Severity

• Frequency of tasks

• Intensity and exposure 

Risk assessments are important when it comes to injury in the workforce and by observing, monitoring and continuous training injury will be greatly reduced.  

Sharps procedure 

SHARPS: Any object that can pierce or penetrate the skin easily. They include ice picks, broken glass, needles, razors, blades or any instrument that can puncture and cause injury. Sharp objects such as needles can be infected with Hepatitis and HIV. 
POLICY: We employ a procedure that will minimize or stop any problems. We do this by staff training on how to handle sharps. We provide all cleaners with a sharp kit where the sharp object such as a needle can be placed safely and quarantined. The general precaution to handling sharps are;

• Never put your hands in areas you cannot see.

• Never put your hands directly into bins

• Never pick up sharps with your bare hands. Use industrial strength rubber gloves.
• When handling a sharp use thee provided tongs to pick up the sharp.

• Always treat a sharp as a potential infection. 
If you are infected by a sharp:

• Firstly wash your hands

• Inform your manager

• Report all incidents and accidents with sharps. 

Personal protective gear 

We have the responsibility to provide all employees with safe work gear . Employees have the responsibility to wear all safety gear

• Gloves

• Footwear (steel cap boots)

• Goggles

• Hi visibility gear

• Sunscreen and sunglasses

• Industrial gloves

• Non slip boots

• Hats or hard hats 

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