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Does your cleaning company supply the cleaning chemicals and equipment?

Yes we supply all our cleaners with our cleaning chemicals and equipment such as professional vacuums, gloves etc..

Does your cleaning business have insurance and accreditation?

Yes we have insurance(workers compensation and public liability insurance, we are industry trained and only specialise in office and commercial cleaning

Does your company charge for office shutdown periods, such as Christmas?

No we don't charge for holiday shutdown periods

How does your company accept payment from the client?

We accept payment for our cleaning services by bank deposit once an invoice has been sent


Are your staff trained?

Yes our staff are professionals and are trained in Level 1 office cleaning duties, WH&S issues, equipment cleaning, safety in the work place and our  staff have completed several training programs and modules

Do you need to sign a contract?

No, you do not need to sign a contract that locks you in to a minimum period.

Who will clean my office or business space?

You will have the same cleaner every time assigned to your office or business space so you have the continuity with our service

As a client do I need to worry about confidential papers lying around and being seen by your cleaners?

NO you do not need to worry, all our cleaners sign a confidentiality agreement that states they will not discuss anything they read or see at a clients site and they will not post anything on social media / internet. You can also have us /cleaner sign a specific confidentiality agreement to suit your business specifically if you wish for further piece of mind. We currently clean many Banks, Embassies etc....

How can you assure the cleaners will do their job properly?

When you engage a professional cleaning company you also engage professional cleaners who take pride in their work. We do not hire any holiday workers who just cruise in and out. We also hire mature adults and pay a handsome hourly rate for wages which is above the industry average.

Our cleaners can  also be tracked on GPS via their work phone.

How often should I get my business space cleaned?

You set the cleaning frequency and tell us what your needs are, we understand every client has a different budget and different needs

Do you offer eco-friendly cleaning and recycling programs?

Yes we offer a vast range of eco friendly cleaning solutions and tailor make our cleaning to suit any business and their dedicated recycling programs


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