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Office CleaningACT Pty Ltd

4.73 Google review stars out of 5

Commercial cleaning service in Phillip, Australia

Address: Phillip ACT


Open today · Open 24 hours

Martin Jansen

Eclipse building solutions Hume

1 Review

3 months ago


Katy Petroff

Northern consultants group LTd

1 Review

4 months ago

Consistent , friendly

Sue  Riley

Fulton Hogan PTY LTD

1 Review

4 months ago

Great cleaning and consistent in cleaning our construction sites, we have never had an issue with the union in regards to cleaning!!!!!

Susanne Margam

Minerals  council Australia

1 review

7 months ago


Vicky Pratley

1 review

7 months ago

Fabulous and professional company to deal with and their staff are fantastic.
I recommend this company very highly, I have been using them for 15 months now and cant fault them, every company starts out great and in 2 months become useless. These guys have been very consistent and attentive. I am using them to clean my 3 offices in woden & warehouses in Fyshwick.
I thought I would review them after a long time, the only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was because I am a perfectionist and I guess there is always room for better results in any field. I have dealt with so many businesses in Canberra and this cleaning company is understanding and seem to care about their clients.

I wish more businesses in Canberra pay more attention to their work. Its very hard to find reliable businesses to work with, especially when you are trusting them with the keys,codes and passes to your offices and place of work. There was one time the cleaner broke a signed photo frame and the manager replaced it immediately . I was super impressed they admitted to the brakage, alot of others would not especially since the frame was not cheap to replace.
I can confidently say that I have refered this company to my other associates and they have been great again,
I hope this review helps you in deciding whether or not to use this company for cleaning.
If you need any details clarified please email me and I am happy to elaborate..

As a people person I believe in spreading the good word when I have constant positive transactions with people, in my own businesses I only employ reliable and trustworthly people and I am glad to be surrounding by good Canberra businesses from cleaning to my accounting firm to my the gardening company I employ to look after the outside to the tradesmans I use every day, its good to see that there is a sense of community in Canberra

I wish this cleaning company all the best as you have really earned my trust and I hope your company will provide services for many businesses throughout Canberra

John Smithson

1 review

 9 month ago

👍 Good for office cleaning


Karen Wellington

1 review

1 year ago

Consistent cleaning service. All the staff seem to show pride in their work and that is good to see. Keep up the good efforts guys!!!!!!!

Venkatesh. N

Singh custom services Braddon

1 Review

1 year ago

👍👍👍👍 Thanks guys

Joey Chong

Northbourne ave canberra

1 Review

2 years ago

I am looking for cleaning job in city area, do you have cleaner job for me. I send detail to your email. I got car and experience

Call me asap I start immedidatley

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